Adam Hommey’s Interview and Speaking Topics

Adam speaks on podcasting, entrepreneurship, business creation, communication skills, and more.

Adam Hommey’s Interview and Speaking Topics

Adam speaks on podcasting, entrepreneurship, business creation, communication skills, and more.

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In your request, we ask you please specify, as much as possible, the topic(s) you would be interested in and any links to apply, submit information, and/or schedule.

Custom topics may be available, and presentations may include combinations of the below.

Note: descriptions, outlines, and/or suggested interview questions are available for all of the below topics. Once the topic is agreed-upon, we will supply whatever information you need.

Podcasting & New Media Topics

  • How to Launch Your Podcast as Your Key Networking, Client Attraction, and Celebrity Expert Branding Tool

  • Get More R.E.A.C.H., Clients, And Referrals Through Podcasting

  • How to Easily Attract More Human and Search-Engine Eyes to Your Brand by Hosting Your Podcast the Right Way

  • 7 Keys to Creating a New Brand or Entering a New Market or Niche With a Podcast

  • How to Obtain “Insider-Only” Podcast Bookings Your Agent Can’t Touch, Without a One-Sheet

  • The S.T.A.R. Formula for Podcast Guesting: How to Become One of Your Host’s “Greatest Hits”

  • Listener and Download Statistics Don’t Matter and Are A Big Lie: The Facts About How to Make Real Money Through Podcasting

  • 5 Powerful Ways to Monetize Your Podcast, Without Counting Clicks or Needing a Big Audience First

Communication & Marketing Topics

  • Dominate Your Prospect’s DM Box and Make Them Log In Just To See What You’re Up To

  • You Do Not Need, Or Want, Traffic to Your Website (aka How to Instantly Become #1 In a Crowded Market)

  • Seed-Based Marketing: How to Sell Without Selling and Transform ANY Conversation Into “Business Talk”

  • Engage, Not Enrage: How to Discuss Politics and Social Issues, Inspire More People to Agree, AND Command the Respect of Those Who Disagree

  • You Want the Truth? There’s No Such Thing as The Truth! (aka How to Get People to Do What You Want)

  • 12 Advanced, Yet Simple to Use, Persuasive Language Techniques

  • The Sleeper Effect: Why It Matters More What Other People Say, and How to Get Them Talking About You

  • Why People Date Lying, Cheating, Loser Jerks – And What These Jerks Teach Us About Marketing (Use With Caution, Ethically)

Business Development Topics

  • The S.P.R.I.N.G. Formula: How to Achieve Maximum Results Through Minimalism and Essentialism

  • All This Over a Damn Glass of Iced Tea? (aka A Huge, Gaping Leak in Your Organizational Bucket)

  • The FPSO Formula and The 5 Unbreakable Rules: How to Make Your Meetings Suck a Whole Lot Less

  • She’s Out of Your League: How Entrepreneurs Reject Themselves and Throw Away Good Opportunities (What to Do Instead)

  • How To Make People Actually Care About Deadlines, In Two Easy Steps

  • The Reality of Asynchronous Virtual Teams, and How to Transform Diversity into Your Competitive Advantage

  • The Fastest Way to Move Your Startup into Revenue – by Hiring Your True Top Marketing Guru

  • “I’m On the Phone or Away From My Desk” – Voicemail Is Pointless (How to Connect in the Post-Telephone World)

Growth & Passion Topics

  • 11 Key Lessons From a Personal Growth Vision Quest That Can Quickly Change Your Life

  • The Day I Smashed My Printer Into a Thousand Pieces (My Best Day Ever!)

  • Zoomed Out: Why Webcams and Videoconferencing are Destroying the Social Fabric, and How to Fix It

  • The Greatest Healthcare Crisis Facing Us Today (No, It’s Not the One You’re Thinking Of)

  • #SelfiesKill – Why People are Falling Off Cliffs, and How to Create More Success in Business and Life

  • What Do Misophonia and Insomnia Have to Do With Personal and Business Success? A Lot, Actually.

  • For the More Than 10,848th Day in a Row, I Still Don’t Need Algebra (How to Teach or Master Any Concept, Quickly)

  • Why Cats and Groundhogs Make the Best Business and Life Mentors