Synopsis / Description

Your smartphone beeps and the little light starts blinking.

You check your e-mail.


A new order has been processed.

Money in the bank!

A new customer, though?

Not so fast.

Just because someone gave you money does NOT mean they are now your customer. You still need to guide them through a journey before you can call them a “customer.”

And then you want them to send you qualified, high-value referrals?

Join us for this information-rich interview that helps you transform purchasers into customers and build and enthusiastic unpaid salesforce, and you will discover:

  • The difference between a “purchaser” and a “customer” and why this is so important to understand if you want to enjoy a prosperous, sustainable business
  • The simple steps you must guide your purchaser through to help them become your satisfied, enthusiastic customer for life
  • When to use automation, when to use scripts, and when (and how) to use the phone to help your purchaser along this journey
  • How to dump your affiliate program – and instead leverage an army of enthusiastic, unpaid salespeople who will send eager, qualified referrals beating down your door
  • And much, much more!