Synopsis / Description

Many business leaders, Sir Richard Branson among them, urge us to put our employees and team members first and treat them well if we expect them to deliver exceptional customer service.

One problem – even when we think we’re getting right, we may be sabotaging this effort by doing the very things we believe will inspire exceptional customer service!

Join us for this no-holds-barred interview that sheds light on the issues with customer service that may be burrowed just beneath the surface, and you will discover:

  • Why the “ripple effect” that flows down the org chart doesn’t stop at the bottom – it spills over and soaks your customers
  • The reasons why the meetings and customer service trainings you hold may actually sabotage your efforts to build an exceptional customer service culture
  • The subtle ways management may accidentally foster a “screw the customer” service culture, and how to recognize this and stop doing it
  • How to encourage an employee or team member who is seeking greener pastures to re-engage and stick around longer
  • And much, much more!