Synopsis / Description

The search for Truth with a capital “T” goes back as far as humanity itself.

Somewhere out there, if we just keep looking and fact-checking, we’ll find it.

It’s there, if we take the time to do our research.

So why do we continue to disagree?

Why is there no one “right” answer every single time?

Join us for this eye-opening interview that reveals what’s going on in your prospect’s mind and cuts through the mess of “alternative facts”, and you will discover:

  • The “other” famous quote from the movie Scarface – and why the drunken rambling of a doomed drug kingpin reveals an honest, sober fact
  • Why the words “facts” and “truth” should not be used interchangeably, and why they are often opposite from each other
  • How this understanding helps your prospect assign their own meaning to your message so they will believe in it and do as you want them to do
  • A two-word phrase you can use to build affinity and common ground even when none seems to exist
  • And much, much more!