Synopsis / Description

With looming deadlines and more people expected to more in less time than ever before, just getting through the average day can be daunting.

Forget to-do lists – there’s hardly time to make them, and the likelihood they’ll never get completed is discouraging enough.

We’re just doing too much – so how about we try doing less?

Join us for this straightforward interview that helps you lighten your load and do more by doing less, and you will discover:

  • Why your employees and team members become disengaged and unmotivated while trying to keep up with everything
  • The first question you must ask, first thing every day – and keep asking as you go through your business day
  • What Mom, Grandma, and her mother have all forgotten about why they cut off the ends of the roast before putting it in the pan, and why we need to know this now
  • How to get out of Email Hell and make technology your friend as you apply minimalism to your business and enjoy maximum success
  • And much, much more!