Synopsis / Description

Meetings suck.

No primer on business and entrepreneurship would be complete without addressing this age-old issue.

With looming deadlines and people expected to do more in less time than ever before, just having meetings at all is trying the patience of your employees, team members, and stakeholders.

What can we do?

Join us for this liberating interview that injects fun into one of the most boring, tedious things in the environment of business and you will discover:

  • The #1 question you must ask about your business processes as a whole – not just meetings – every single day
  • How meetings not only waste time, but also destroy customer service and kill profits – and how you can fix this
  • Why some people never contribute during meetings, and how to inspire their participation and input
  • A simple and powerful formula that transforms routine meetings into centers of innovation and revenue generation
  • And much, much more!