Synopsis / Description

Are you ready to finally solve those pesky issues that keep holding back your business success and never seem to go away?

It’s time to unearth the issues burrowed beneath the surface of your business so you, as an entrepreneur and business creator, can finally grow your business and thrive at the intersection of your brilliance and your passion!

Drawing on nearly two decades of lessons from both successes and failures, Adam Hommey brings together concepts in an exciting, entertaining storybook format. Join us for this exciting interview where you will get to know the S.P.R.I.N.G. Formula that helps you claim your mastery in six key areas:

  • Science of the Mindset – harness the positive power of your imperfect past to drive your current and future success
  • Prospect Attraction – stop repelling prospects without realizing you’re doing so
  • Ripple Effect from Team Members (and How to Avoid It) – inspire your people to give their all and render exceptional customer service
  • Identify and Intake New Customers – transform your “purchaser” into your “customer for life” in a few simple steps
  • Name Your Terms with Powerful Language – flip the script, change a few words, and watch your success results multiply
  • Greater Efficiency and Service through Minimalism – the less you do, the more you can achieve!

This topic is available and easily adaptable for in-person speaking appearances, breakout workshops, corporate trainings, podcast appearances, and media interviews.