Synopsis / Description

Social media and new media have made it easier than ever for new voices to be heard and everyone to deliver their message – but that’s both a blessing and a curse.

When you strongly believe in something, heeding the advice to keep quiet and avoid ruffling feathers may simply not feel like an option for you.

Join us for this timely interview that emancipates your power to become a powerful and persuasive part of the conversation, and you will discover:

  • Why the democratization of communication through social media both empowers us to speak out and creates new dangers in doing so
  • Simple language tactics that bind your audience to you while opening their mind (and yours) to fruitful, valuable discussion and debate
  • What you must bear in mind when you consider making that next hot-button post on social media
  • What you need to know before responding to that hot-button post on social media, whether you agree or disagree
  • And much, much more!