Synopsis / Description

Audience surveys are great when used to assess, engage, and gather intelligence.

Done properly, they are powerful influence tools that persuade prospects to make buying decisions and feel it was their own idea.

Did you know you can literally just make it up – and they’ll still buy it at full price?

Join us for this controversial interview that exposes never-talked-about facts about consumer behavior and you will discover:

  • How horoscopes and astrological signs reveal that you can persuade your audience to believe pretty much anything
  • The key understanding that enables you to leap into your audience’s mind and influence them to take action
  • How a 70-year-old psychological experiment exposes the power of confirmation bias that you can use in your favor to benevolently support your prospect
  • How to use these concepts to design “real” surveys that influence your prospect to invest in you before you make an offer
  • And much, much more!