Synopsis / Description

Good people go out of their way to be helpful and make the world a better place.

They stay positive, phrase their words carefully, and do everything they can to show empathy.

In doing so, they often end up creating barriers between themselves and their audience.

Join us for this powerful interview that challenges conventional wisdom and exposes the effects of years of programming, and you will discover:

  • Why Business Creators who say they want more “traffic to their website” are actually sabotaging themselves and their business
  • Why being too specific about your message and your offer may actually clue in your prospect that they need to turn the other way
  • The many ways people build walls instead of bridges by using the very words they’ve been incorrectly taught to create connections
  • Specific, word-for-word changes to your messaging you can implement immediately to build bridges and foster friendships
  • And much, much more!